Has COVID-19 brought back traditional ways of investment?

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COVID-19 has turned over our lives overnight. Keeping pace with the drowning economy is becoming a real struggle for the researchers. Before COVID-19 became a pandemic, the market was hitting an all-time high in January 2020.

Though, this peak did not exist for a long time, as soon as, the market went into the panic mode, figured started steeply dropping. According to a report of the Economic Times, within two months of lockdown, the stock market dropped by about 40%.

While the investors were feeling elated with the eye-popping returns through mutual fund statements during the euphoric phase of the market, yet now, they are also left with no options except then stepping back and slowing down the investments.

This pandemic has negatively impacted the large businesses and forced them to rethink about their business model. The bottom line is that it is a roller coaster ride. No one knows how long it will take the market to recover. Till then, investing in the market means keeping your foot under the hammer.

So, the main question that is striking in the mind of the investors is, where to invest?

Before, the introduction of the any market investment opportunity, before SIP, Before Mutual Funds, people used to invest in two areas categorically: real estate and gold.

In this rapidly evolving situation, we need to think through and look at the most prospective way of investment.

Blindly, we cannot walk after the scenarios which were true ‘Before COVID’ time period. ‘During Covid’ we have realized the traditional way of investment is coming back. ‘After COVID’ The profitability from your real estate investment will cover all the expenses and non-earning months.

3 key-reasons to look go old-school investment options:

The main reasons why the traditional way of investment, that is, investing in real estate is coming back in India are:

Self-realization: Most people have now realized the uncertainty of life. Life is too short to hold one's dreams back, especially of owning your own home. Meet a realtor and look for the most suitable option.

Large Tenant population: About 30% of the Indian population lives in rented accommodation. Countries around the world have introduced various changes to lessen the burden on tenants like rental rebates and rent discounts. But everyone has surely realized the importance of having own accommodation. With this mental process, more and more people are investing in real estate and meeting realtors.

Lessons to be learnt from China’s recovery profile: China was the first market to suffer from COVID-19. Before the second phase of COVID-19 as soon the lockdown has opened the sale of the property increase due to various reasons, the primary one being the investment. The risk while investing in property is quite low in comparison to the share market when invested through reliable realtors.

How to stay ahead in time?

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