Why is it important to own a house in the wake of Covid-19?

Owning a house is important today

About 30% of Indians are residing in a rented apartment across India according to the latest RICS – Knight Frank report. Are you also one of them? COVID-19 has horrifying effects on the world, but it has shown us a harsh reality of society. With no jobs, no income, and high rents, the survival of middle-class families in India is becoming difficult day by day. This situation has surely highlighted to us the importance of having our own property. We understand that you must be having a long-term plan of saving and buying a property in the major city, you are living in. But the trends of purchasing a high-end property in posh areas is changing rather people are investing in a number of properties. The urbanite cities are already captured by veteran investors. As a result of which people are shifting to sub-metros and searching for better options like residential apartments in Zirakpur. Why Sub-Metros? The major reason is costing. As the demand for residential apartments increases, the cost rises. If you are looking for a budget-friendly place for living or investment, then the sub-metro cities are the best. For instance, rather than buying a house in Chandigarh at huge loans, you can buy 3 BHK Flats in Zirakpur. Another most influencing factor is designing and facilities. Most of the residential property, you will find in urban cities are quite old now and lack some basic facilities. In comparison to which the residential apartments in Zirakpur are recently developing due to which have better amenities like, 24x7 security, power-backup, proper parking space, and much more. With the growing connectivity, the suburbs are the new generation of urban areas. Digitalization is the new reality

With the social barriers, your dream of buying a property might be halting. But we will not let this happen. You certainly use social media now for much more than just connected with your loved ones like for working from home. What if from the comfort of your home, you can get a live walkthrough of the property and buy it. Sounds good, right? Virtual reality is surely is the new future. Through WhatsApp video calling or skype call, we at Estate Prima, walk you through the gate of the society, to your future 3 BHK Flat in Zirakpur. By sitting on the couch of your home and at the time of your convenience you get the complete tour of the residential Apartments in Zirakpur. Advantages of Live Virtual tours are:

  • Complete Comfortability

  • Real-like experience

  • Saves time

  • Easy accessibility from smartphone or laptop

  • Potential to buy property worldwide without visiting the exact location

Who are we and How we work? We at Estate Prima are associated with Trishla Group to give you the best experience in real estate. Trishla Group is a renowned realtor in the tri-city area serving value-based projects. We focus on raising the standard of living of our clients by building excellent quality residential apartments in Zirakpur. We are known for timely possession, commitment, and after-sales service. Our vision of modern luxuries with the futuristic approach is our USP. We help you in the entire process:

  1. Through the comfort of your home, you can book a virtual tour of the property.

  2. We share information with you regarding the latest rules of RERA.

  3. The cost of the 3 BHK Flat in Zirakpur, along with facilities, amenities, and paperwork is discussed.

  4. We aid in paper preparation.

  5. Guess what? All this process can be done online.

The reality of the real estate market We often hear that the real estate market is going down but is it the complete truth. Today, more and more people want to live in an urban setting. People are getting more and more aware of buying a house at an accessible location. The demand in cities is constantly rising so are the prices. There is nothing that can stop this growth. Your property is a long-term investment. With this rapid growth as a residential hotspot, this is surely a fruitful time to invest as you can look at high gains in the future for your 3 BHK Flat in Zirakpur. Why is this the right time to invest: The economy of the world has terribly fallen. For a developing nation like ours, there will be tough reforms to ensure the fiscal health of the nation. As a result, there is no profit in market shares and even banks are also offering almost low-interest rates on saving. So, where should you invest? Here the most efficient answer is property. Property is something in which is a long-term investment and it will give you a huge interest in the future. From saving your rent to making rent profit. The property will give you benefit for years to come. The country records lowest bank interest in the last two decades. So, why to wait further? Do not let the social distancing norms come in between you and your dream 3 BHK Flat in Zirakpur. Book an appointment with us today for your LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR.

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