Finding home in Zirakpur? Find out 5 benefits of buying home in an unplanned city.

Zirakpur Living: urban & secured for the new-age buyers

The residential apartments in Zirakpur are quite well-planned but as a city, it is a perfect example of an uneven landscape. Post-independence, Chandigarh was planned and developed by modernist Le Corbusier. The city was built with strict by-laws encouraging low-density and low-rise housing. Due to this, as a city, Chandigarh is quite poorly equipped to tackle the burgeoning population it is facing in recent decades.

This unavailability of land encouraged the emergence of subaltern and dynamic settlements at the peripheral space of Chandigarh. Zirakpur became a major suburb as it was economically, socially, and transit easier to operate. Zirakpur lies on the route that connects Chandigarh to parts of Punjab, Haryana, and mainly the National Capital Region of Delhi. This made the area perfect for creating an economic corridor from trade and relationship perspective.

Overall leading to sudden urbanization, the residential apartments in Zirakpur grew multiple folds in quite less time. The peri-urban development that Zirakpur saw recently gave rise to affordable housing options and commercial centers.

If you wish to buy 3 BHK flat in Zirakpur, it surely can offer numerous benefits in spite of being immensely close to a restrictive and expensive city, Chandigarh.

Benefits of buying 3 BHK Flat in Zirakpur

1. Much-Needed Greenery: Although, as a city, Zirakpur might not have a lot of parks and gardens, but the developers have surely put a thought to it. Most of the societies have green patches that are visible from your balcony of 3 BHK Flat in Zirakpur. It gives you that morning freshness as well as the fresh air that you need after a long tiring day.

2. Everything is near to you: As we discussed before, Zirakpur lies at the centre. It is surrounded by Chandigarh at one side and provides a direct connection with many parts of Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi. This makes it a perfect place for opening your own venture as transit is extremely easy. Along with this, it is a perfect place to start a shop or small business. As the population is uprising and the area is surrounded immensely with residential apartments in Zirakpur, it gives you that starting target audience.

3. Affordable Housing: The housing in Zirakpur is much more developed than many major areas of Chandigarh. Yet, it is not heavy on pocket. You can easily get a 3 BHK Flat in Zirakpur at around 55 lakhs whereas it won’t go less than a crore in Chandigarh. Similarly, the tentative prices in the area are quite low with 14 lakh for 1 BHK Flat, about 40 lakh for 2 BHK Flat, and around 76 lakh for a 4 BHK flat. This pricing also allows us to invest money in the residential apartments in Zirakpur.

4. Vibrant Night-life: Like Chandigarh, Zirakpur is also a city that never sleeps. First, it is near to National Highway that makes it active. Secondly, the housing nightlife is quite vibrant. You need to step out at night to feel that energy for yourself.

5. Organized societies: The residential apartments in Zirakpur are built by new-age builders. Even if cities are not well-planned, surely the societies have maintained society. Your 3 BHK Flat in Zirakpur comes with allotted parking space, security, 24x7 power backup, green parks, and a lot more.

There are a lot of residential apartments in Zirakpur and it’s hard for you to decide the best place for yourself.

To ease out your search, we at Estate Prima, keep on exploring the options on a daily basis. We analyze all the societies and can prepare a customized competitive matrix suiting your needs.

Along with that, if you wish to take a live walkthrough of the societies, we provide virtual tours of the residential apartments in Zirakpur through skype or zoom.

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