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Three Circles of Trust in Real Estate

Real Estate Industry is based on how we build relationship in both terms – As a buyer with the Sales Person or Builder and As a Sales Person or Builder with the buyer.

“For me or naïve entrant in the industry, it is simply the purchasing of a home. But, deep inside, it is the biggest decision for a buyer to decide on their dream home, which is like one-time investment. And for a builder, it is the hard work of months that sells off and runs the industry. Sentiments – The right word to describe one’s feelings here.”

There are several real estate agents or websites providing the information on residential homes in zirakpur, builders, styles but we are still unsure of whom to trust.

What is the role of a dealer/realtor or yellow pages site?

One is ofcourse providing you with details like Residential apartment available in the region, Size of the 3BHK in Zirakpur, Market Price offered & negotiation opportunity cost, amenities available, accessibility to basics.

Then comes the differentiation part – dealers/realtors tend to incline towards a residential homes in zirakpur that offers maximum share in the deal. Yellow Pages site are unbiased but is mainly one-sided information and the buyer surveys on his/her own convivence.

In short, both provide information.

How does a buyer decide after collecting the information?

Let us start from basics to understand the buyers’ approach. Before allocating the funds for home purchasing, we look into certain factors :

1. Property Location/City/State

2. Property Type – Commercial, Residential – Plot, Built up

3. Ticket Size – Big or small ticket

4. Purchasing motive – End consumer or Investment based

5. Construction Quality

6. Resale value

Three Circles of Trust?

Trust factor has always been there. How Estate Prima is going to bring change?

It won’t bring any change in dealing or purchasing. But It will fill-up a gap - Gap of knowing the builder and project before stepping out to review it personally. Through Estate Prima, through you, through buyers - we want to build the three circles of trust.

  • We, buyer, have experienced that many societies do not deliver what they promise after sometime. The regular reviews will keep the consumer updated at all times.

  • Most of the us do not know how to set the budget. By having a view over 3BHK flats, one can plan the budget prudently.

  • First time buyer is puzzled over Zirakpur area. What are the 4 geographic quadrants of zirakpur? Which one must be chosen? Which side has better infrastructure?

  • Marketing outlook is always deceptive. The buyer must know the approvals the builder has. Government issues approvals and certificates before commencing and allotting 3bhk in zirakpur.

Here, how Estate Prima will help?

  1. LIVE Virtual Tour in 2020 when social distancing is new business operation.

  2. Understanding Builder background, RERA status, cost & size of project and so on.

  3. Reading out reviews from residents to know the daily life happening, as we speak.

  4. Know the amenities and essentials available. Understand the loan structure and applicability

  5. Wherever you are, you can view flats for sale in Zirakpur patiala road anytime.

Estate Prima offers genuine reviews and LIVE Virtual Tour of the Trishla City at your convenience. You will Experience Urban Nature and the ecological living.

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